Sustainability, step by step

At Julius Meinl, we want to make the world a better place – in small but meaningful steps. Sustainability is more than just a word for us. We live it, believe it, think it and are convinced it is the only way forward.

A beautiful world for future generations

We strongly believe that today’s welfare and high standard of living must still leave the world as beautiful and as diverse for future generations. We want our children to see the world, its different peoples, animals and nature in all its beauty and diversity.


It's up to all of us to make this possible. We at Julius Meinl have committed ourselves to make it happen.

Our sustainability report

Julius Meinl has always been at the forefront of social. This concern has grown over the years to include a wider consideration of the natural world.

We proudly present our second Sustainability Report 2019/2020, which above all shows how we made it through the Covid-19 crisis so far – together. And how we were still able to drive our sustainability activities further.

Please download here the latest data and facts on our sustainability engagement: 


Download our Sustainability Report

Colombian Heritage

Many families in Tolima Department, Colombia, have businesses focused on the same passion for coffee. They are carefully passing on their experience and knowledge from generation to generation. But it’s getting harder for them to stay in the business.

Julius Meinl supports Colombian farmers to increase production efficiency for them and their future generations.

The idea is to enhance farmers’ business by helping them with trainings, technical assistance, coffee dryers and UTZ certification. The farmers can then increase production efficiency and their profits, meaning that they can invest more in their own business and future generations.

Our Certificates


Fairtrade certification ensures that coffee importers, roasters and traders are guaranteed a fair payment for their work.

UTZ and Rainforest Alliance merged in 2018 and are fighting deforestation, climate change and social poverty. Learn more on



Julius Meinl is proud of its commitment to sustainability and sourcing of Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to take continuous delivery of enough certified coffee for all our products carrying the Rainforest Alliance seal and/or UTZ label.

This means that from February 2022, there is a risk that these products may not contain Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. Nevertheless, the Rainforest Alliance has approved and allowed Julius Meinl to continue using the Rainforest Alliance seal or UTZ label on these products on these products, as this situation is due to exceptional temporary supply chain disruptions. In order to maintain the premium quality expected of our products, we may need to selectively and temporarily use equivalent non-certified coffees. 

We expect this supply shortage last until June 2023, with our products going back to minimum 90% certified coffee content thereafter. We also commit to purchase during the course of 2023 the volume of certified coffee equivalent to what would have otherwise been used, thereby staying true to our commitment to help support coffee farmers and protect the environment.  

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

The EU organic logo can only be used on products that have been certified as organic by an authorised EU control agency
and fulfills conditions on how it must be produced, processed, transported and stored.

100% Biodegradable Capsules

New Inspresso capsules range that consists of 7 different capsules made from a fully biodegradable material.

  • Innovative capsule body made of compostable biopolymer based on renewable raw materials
  • Highest aroma protection through patented aroma seal
  • 100% TÜV Austria certified for industrial composting according to EU standard EN13432
  • Aluminium free, PVDC free, OGM free, BPA free

Biodegradable Coffee-to-go cups

As a contribution to waste reduction, we only use
compostable coffee-to-go cups and lids out of bagasse and wooden stirrers.

Bagasse is a natural by-product of sugar production that is produced when sugar cane is pressed.
Our coffee cups are 100% biodegradable and compostable.