Coffee equipment, cups and more

Create the right ambience for your customers with professional coffee machines, cups and compliments. We offer a full range, from espresso machines to barista tools, menu holders and branded light signs.


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Create your coffee house experience

When you serve hot drinks, the finishing touches make all the difference. From your napkins to biscuits to biodegradable coffee-to-go cups, lift the experience with Julius Meinl.

We provide hotels, cafes, restaurants and other businesses with everything they need to deliver an excellence service, from the venue’s entrance, bar and counter area to the table.

Cups and compliments

Does a drink taste better in the right cup? Of course! A Viennese Melange must be served in a china cup on a silver tray with a glass of water on the side. That’s why we bring you everything you may need for serving hot drinks, from glasses to china cups, mugs and serving trays.


You can also add traditional compliments such as almonds or wafers to present with your coffee. With a treat for all the senses, your customers will keep coming back for more.



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Equipment for coffee craft

Coffee machines have evolved to combine time-honoured techniques with advanced technology. We offer a complete range, from fully automatic coffee machines to coffee grinders and even milk coolers and ice cream makers.


With full training available, you can be confident in achieving exceptional results every time. Our equipment is not only reliable, but also innovatively designed with a contemporary look. 


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