Who we are

Julius Meinl brings together a diverse community, starting in coffee and tea growing regions around the world and ending in the cups served in outlets such as coffee houses, restaurants and hotels.  

Coffee and tea that delights the world

While it will always be an Austrian family business, Julius Meinl is recognised in many areas of the world. Today, the Julius Meinl Coffee Group has subsidiaries and sales partners on-site in over 70 countries.


We employ over 1000 people worldwide, all with their own areas of expertise. Our clients — whether they’re in catering, tourism or retail —  rely on us to deliver them premium coffee and tea products, and a personal service.

Our company ranks among the top 3 premium coffee brands in the premium gastronomy category in over 40 countries. While our main markets are Austria, Italy, Russia and countries in Central and Eastern Europe, we are pleased to serve far further into the Middle East and beyond.

Julius Meinl Coffee is enjoyed by 5 million people each day, and more than 2 billion every year.


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Roasting in Austria and Italy

At the Julius Meinl-Gasse headquarters in Vienna, we have a roasting plant specialising in Viennese roasting. In 2005, we added to this by establishing a state-of-the-art roasting plant in Vicenza, Northern Italy, focusing on darker Italian roasts.


These two roasting plants allow us to cater for every taste and palate.  


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A brand of long-lived tradition

Julius Meinl has been an ambassador of Viennese Coffee House Culture since 1862. As the first professional roaster in Europe, with a zeal for innovation, we’ve built a highly successful coffee culture for businesses around the world. What do we stand for? Experience, premium quality and impeccable service.

Vision to lead

Julius Meinl is the # 1 premium coffee and tea brand in the hospitality and catering industry  worldwide.

Mission to serve

Make the world a better place.

Coffee and tea products

Whether you’re looking for whole bean coffees, big bag teas or creative new recipes, find out about our wide range of premium beverages.


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Service and support

Are you growing your business? Taking it up a level? We believe in long-term partnerships and can offer everything from training and maintenance to signs to menus and accessories.


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Viennese Coffee House Culture

Both tourists and locals enjoy the pleasures of the coffee houses in Vienna. The charming atmosphere, luxurious surroundings and finishing touches combine in this unique culture.


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Story of the Julius Meinl logo

What exactly is that famous logo? The Julius Meinl logo shows a young man wearing a ‘fez’, which is an Arabic/Turkish head covering in the shape of a blunt felt cone with a tassel.


This is an homage to the story of how coffee came to Vienna. Legend has it that in 1683, Georg Franz Kolschitzky, imperial messenger, interpreter and businessman, obtained some sacks of coffee left behind after the Turkish siege of Vienna and used them to found the first Viennese coffee house, “Zur blauen Flasche”.


The original logo was created by Viennese poster artist, Josef Binder. In 1924, he was asked to create a fictional character to represent the Georg Franz Kolschitzky story. Binder drew a young Ottoman coffee expert raising a cup to his mouth.

Matteo Thun, the internationally famous designer who recreated the logo in its current monochrome red, greatly simplified form in 2004, said that the historic logo templates reminded him of Viennese Baroque angels and incorporated this into his design.


Not only was Thun responsible for the redesign of the logo, but also for translating his ideas into 3D form. A ‘red fez’ takes centre place in his designs, found upside down in the form of Julius Meinl cups, jugs and glasses.

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