Refreshing coffee and tea recipes for your summer moments

We have the perfect way to help you cool down in the summer heat. We know what you’re thinking… And no, it’s not by making another Dalgona coffee. 

Here are our favourite iced coffee and tea recipes to not just quench your thirst, but also elevate your cold drinks to the next level. Treat yourself after a long day at work or impress your garden party guests with one of our delicious refreshments. Be sure to capture the moment and tag us on all your social media posts.


Iced Coffee Recipes

On a hot summer day, nothing is more refreshing than to sit in the sun with an iced coffee in your hand. But it's not only about pouring your Espresso over an ice-cream. Let yourself be inspired by our delicious Iced Coffee Recipes and get ready to impress friends & family with these original creations!



Coconut Delight


Iced coffee, but EVEN better. Packed with creamy coconut ice cream and Arabica coffee, our “Coconut Delight” recipe has that touch of indulgence we all need.




1 Shot of Café Expert Supreme UTZ

Ice cubes

Cold milk

1 Scoop stracciatella ice cream

1 Scoop coconut ice cream

Piece of chocolate and a grater OR chocolate sprinkles



1. Prepare a double espresso & let it get cold.

2. Put the ice cubes in the glass.

3. Pour cold milk on top.

4. Add 1 scoop of stracciatella ice cream.

5. Add 1 scoop of coconut ice cream.

6. Layer the espresso on top.

7. Grate chocolate or put chocolate sprinkles on top.


Iced Tea Recipes

Not only coffee-lovers deserve to relax with an ice-cold refreshment. Spice up your summer days with the mouth-watering Tea recipes our experts composed for you. They are a guarantee for beach vibes and the ultimate holiday feeling.



Paradise Peach Iced tea


When life hands you lemons, make a fruity iced tea! Our Paradise Peach iced drink is infused with lemon, peach and ginger for a perfectly refreshing taste on warmer days.



180ml Iced Tea (6g Julius Meinl Tea on the Rocks Exotic Mango Strawberry* on 0,5l)
10ml Sugar syrup
10ml Peach syrup
Lemon, Ginger root, Mint leaves
Ice cubes
Decoration: lemon, mint leaves, ginger root
Optional: gin, rum

*) As an alternative you can use Julius Meinl black teas from other product lines



1. Iced Tea (0,5l): Infuse tea for 5 minutes with 150ml boiling water. Stir. Filter out tea leaves. Add 350ml of cold water.

2. Cut a piece of ginger into slices, add wedges of lemon and mint leaves. Crush.

3. Fill the glass with ice cubes. Add additional ginger slices.

4. Squeeze ½ lemon, pour the juice over the ice.

5. Add sugar and peach syrup, fill up with the Iced Tea.

6. As decoration use slices of ginger, lemon peel and mint leaves.

7. Optional: Add some gin or rum before filling up with the Iced tea.

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