Coffee partner for your business

As a competitive business, you need to give your customers an efficient and enjoyable experience. That’s why it makes sense to team up with  a coffee partner with experience of working with all kinds of businesses, from trendy coffee houses to elegant hotels. Our team will adapt our products and services to suit your business type and style.


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Coffee houses

People love to take time out of their days to relax and recharge in a coffee house. Whether your business is traditional, luxurious or minimalist, we are the coffee partner to help you with any challenges. This culture is part of our heritage and you can count on over 150 years of relevant experience.


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Food and beverages are amongst the most important income generators for hotels of all sizes and styles. From breakfasts to room service to the lobby and conferences, we will help you to make the most of it with premium coffee and tea and a full range of services. 


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While spectacular dishes and chef’s specials are the stars of a great restaurant, high quality coffee or tea is the icing on the cake. Treat your customers to delicious hot drinks and a level of service that does justice to your culinary offer.


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Other Businesses

Our expertise goes beyond Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee houses. Julius Meinl is the ideal partner for your business and offers suitable combination of products, services and accessories. Get in touch with us to get that premium high-quality moment for your business as well.


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