Exquisite premium coffee and tea

We’re passionate about coffee and tea. From the expertise of our coffee artisans to our close partnerships with tea plantations, everything comes together in the cup. That’s why customers savour every sip of Julius Meinl products.

It has taken time and dedication to gain the level of knowledge we have in growing, roasting and preparing the world’s favourite hot beverages.


To make sure that only the finest premium coffee and tea are served in your establishment, whether it’s a hotel, restaurant, coffee house or other business, we craft our products with care. Julius Meinl is constantly innovating in technology, accessories, products and taste.


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Premium coffee and high-quality tea are a must for success in business. We believe that you benefit most when they are part of a complete concept. 


This means our recommended combination of products, equipment and accessories which work in perfect harmony. For example, our 1862 Premium Concept which gives you a unique blend, special grinder, state-of-the-art espresso machine and luxurious cup.  


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