Coffee Nerds 101: The 5 brewing methods that every coffee nerd should master


When somebody asks for ‘a cup of coffee’ does your head fill to the brim with a flurry of follow-up questions? Light or dark roast? Moka pot brew or French Press?


Let's make a difference Together


It's the small moments that make a world of difference. That's why this International Coffee Day, we’ll plant more than 12,000 in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria on behalf of coffeehouses worldwide.


Why we believe our employee-first culture will help us achieve a thriving sustainable future


2019 was a bumper year for Julius Meinl. We reached impressive new sales heights, expanded our business globally, and achieved several other ambitious goals. And then along came 2020 with a pandemic that took one of our main sales channels – gastronomy – right from under our feet.


How the future of coffee is all about family


Have you heard the saying, ‘you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family’? Well, when your family evolves into a global coffee business, this doesn't necessarily apply.


8 ways you can make your cafe or restaurant more sustainable in a way that will benefit your business


Making our businesses more sustainable and greener is a challenge that we all should be taking on, right? However, it isn’t easy to know where to start and how to implement greener practices, especially when you’re faced with the daily grind (coffee-related pun intended) of running a gastronomy business, like a cafe or restaurant. We hear ya’.


6 ways to upgrade your homemade iced tea game, told by the experts


Okay, so your iced tea consumption throughout the hot and sticky days of summer is off the charts and you’ve got your own homemade recipe, but you’re looking to take it to another level, which has led to you landing here. Well, let’s get this Iced Par-tea started! (we apologise, we couldn’t help ourselves)


How Julius Meinl is making up for thousands of missed moments caused by the pandemic by inviting people to ‘Say Hello’


We’re encouraging people around the world to say hello to friends or even random strangers, and gift them a complimentary coffee, as part of our mission to give back some of the roughly 13 billion moments of social interaction we’ve missed out on across Europe’s cities over the past 12 months. We’re calling it the ‘Say Hello’ initiative. As this sip-sized video below asks: ‘Who are you going to say hello to?’

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