The past, present and future of coffee & tea told by Julius Meinl’s experts


Did you know coffee used to be sold as green beans? And according to our coffee expert, selling green bean coffee and home roasting will likely make a come back.


Two summer cocktail recipes that will have you never looking at a cup of tea the same again


Whether infused or thrown directly into the mix, tea adds a charismatic personality to the flavours of a cocktail. Not to mention an array of aromas.


Julius Meinl’s family secret recipe plus 160 years of expertise give birth to the new 1862 Vienna coffee concept


Christina Meinl’s grandfather used to begin every day with a blind coffee cupping session.


2 coffee cocktail recipes that you need in your life right now


In 2021, the Espresso Martini made a roaring comeback as the drink of choice for many bars across the world. Who would have thought espresso and vodka could make for such a popular rich and indulgent drink? Since the 1980s when this crazy good concoction was introduced to our palates, there has been many cocktails featuring coffee created attempting to follow in the drink’s glory and popularity. And we’re adding two more Julius Meinl originals to that list.


Your New Year’s Resolution list if you want to become a true coffee nerd in 2022


So, you know you’ve got an affection and fascination for coffee that goes beyond the casual drinker, and you’re looking to take your relationship with it to the next level in the new year.


How to create the next viral winter-themed coffee recipe this festive season


This season, we gave our talented team of coffee experts, along with our in-house barista, Junior Vargas, the challenge to put together some wintery and Christmas-sy recipes that we know our coffee-loving community will get a kick out of.


9 gift ideas that will mokka any coffee nerd’s Christmas


We all have that one person in our lives that is so obsessed with coffee that they wear a t-shirt with a line like, ‘I only need coffee on days ending in ‘y’ printed on it. They’re not just in love with the drink, but they’re also in love with the craft of making coffee in all its glorious variations. Coffee is part of who they are.


8 cafe red flags that signal you're about to be served a nightmare


The saying, ‘first impressions matter,’ is so hackneyed it smells like when a barista burns the milk. However, those who appreciate quality coffee should apply it earnestly when checking out a cafe to determine how good the coffee they’re about to be served is going to be.

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