Viennese Coffee House Culture

The Julius Meinl brand is rooted in all that is Viennese: refined tradition, impeccable service, creative expression and an appreciation of premium quality.


Coffee houses played a crucial role in shaping Vienna’s culture. Today, this phenomenon is known internationally and attracts visitors from abroad, just as it does its locals.

The Viennese Coffee House

Walk into a coffee house in Vienna and you will be greeted by a special atmosphere. There are pleasant rituals and finishing touches that create a unique ambience. Apart from a wide variety of coffees, pastries and international newspapers, they are famous for marble tabletops, Thonet chairs and chandeliers.

Honoured by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Viennese Coffee House Culture was officially included in the UNESCO National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2011.


According to the UNESCO’s statement: “typical for Viennese coffee houses are marble tables, on which the coffee is served, Thonet chairs, boxes (loges), newspaper tables and interior design details in the style of Historicism. The coffee houses are a place where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill.”


Julius Meinl has been a proud ambassador of Viennese Coffee House Culture since 1862 and the special atmosphere is reflected in our communications today. Make every day special with Julius Meinl ...