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Enhance your coffee house's charm and appeal with a coffee partner who brings over 160 years of coffee craftsmanship. We're dedicated to supporting your passion for creating unforgettable coffee moments.

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Coffee houses

People love to take time out of their days to relax and recharge in a coffee house. Whether your business is traditional, luxurious or minimalist, we are the coffee partner to help you with any challenges. This culture is part of our heritage and you can count on over 160 years of experience.

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When it comes to hotel coffee equipment, the initial thought often revolves around the classic espresso machine. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions far beyond this essential piece of equipment such as elegant wooden tea displays, biodegradable capsules, premium capsule machines, a diverse selection of cups, stylish aprons and all the finishing touches.

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While spectacular dishes and chef’s specials are the stars of a great restaurant, high quality coffee & tea is the icing on the cake. Treat your customers to delicious drinks and a level of service that does justice to your culinary offer.

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Other businesses

Our expertise goes beyond coffee houses, hotels and restaurants. Julius Meinl is the ideal partner for your business and offers dedicated solutions for products, services and accessories.

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