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As a family business, we believe in working hand-in-hand with all our clients in the food service and catering industry. Our team of experts and advisors puts every effort into supporting you proactively, with tailored services to suit your business.

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Our commitment to a personalized approach at Julius Meinl differentiates us in the food service coffee industry. We deliver products personally and extend this dedication to our comprehensive support, barista training, machine maintenance, and creative campaign ideas. We aim to create meaningful moments and lasting connections with our valued clients through genuine, face-to-face interactions..

Staff training & coffee machines maintenance

Our dedicated coffee advisors possess the expertise and knowledge needed to identify optimal solutions for your business. They are dedicated to enhancing your skills and capabilities. Trust in their guidance to achieve your goals.

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Branding & communication to appeal to your customers

Access to exclusive tools and materials, setting your Point-Of-Sale (POS) apart, and crafting compelling storytelling strategies that draw in fresh clientele.

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Cups, equipment and more

Set the perfect atmosphere for your clientele with our diverse assortment of professional coffee equipment, premium cups, and accompanying essentials. Our exclusive selection encompasses everything you need, including coffee machines, barista tools and custom-branded accessories, to help you create meaningful moments and unique coffee experiences.

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