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Looking to enhance customer engagement through coffee? Unlock your team's full potential with Julius Meinl. Our expert and passionate team stand ready to enhance your coffee business, from elevating service standards to improving presentation and hosting inspiring events.

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Excellence in coffee service requires a high level of expertise. 

At Julius Meinl, our sales representatives, managers, baristas and coffee experts are thoroughly trained according to international standards. We know that to get the optimum taste, you not only need a good roast, but also a precise grind and brew. And we’re ready to share all that expertise with you. 

We offer tailored training programs to transform your colleagues into confident and skilled baristas, enabling them to craft coffee and tea with finesse.

We also have a large service team, with helpful technicians out on the road visiting clients on site. They can carry out maintenance work and check the settings of your commercial machines.

Training your service team

Coffee is a lifestyle choice marked by rising expectations for flavour and quality. With over 160 years of experience, we offer comprehensive training for your staff to meet customer demands. Our sales team is pleased to offer any training and tips you may need. It’s always a pleasure to help.

Clean Brew: clean with care, brew with expertise

Experience premium coffee like never before with our top-of-the-line cleaning products!

We are proud to partner with Cafetto®, the industry leader in coffee machine cleaning solutions. Together, we bring you the finest cleaning products designed to maintain the exceptional quality and taste of your coffee. 

Our meticulously crafted cleaning solutions ensure that your coffee machine performs at its peak, delivering rich, flavorful coffee every time.

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Maintaining your coffee machines

To guarantee quality, coffee machines and grinders are checked regularly and any necessary adjustments are made. Our professional service team can also check your water quality and hardness and advise you on any issues. 

Not only does the correct handling of the commercial coffee machines and grinders make a difference, but also daily cleaning. Our repairs are carried out quickly and, if possible, on site. This keeps downtime to a minimum and replacement machines can be supplied to keep you running. 

Your perfect cup

Become a connoisseur in the art of perfectly served coffee and tea by leveraging our expertise and over 160 years of experience.

Embark on a captivating journey with us, starting from the leaf or bean, all the way to your cup, giving you an insight into every stage, from blending to packaging to classic delightful Viennese coffee recipes.

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