Premium tea picked for your business

Since 1862, the Meinl family's commitment to premium tea remains unwavering. Craftsmanship and passion drive us to provide the best quality. We invest in innovations and product solutions and we partner with top plantations, crafting unique, indulgent moments in every cup. 

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Exquisite tea moments

A freshly-brewed cup of tea can lift any occasion. Be it in a coffee house, restaurant or hotel, Julius Meinl offers a large variety of delicious teas and point-of-sale materials like menus or leaflets to adapt to your needs.

From refreshing classic tastes to unique new blends, we have everything you need to create memorable tea moments for your guests. Excellence comes in many forms: tea bags, pyramids, pot portions, loose leaf or iced tea –  simply choose your product and trust in the premium quality of Julius Meinl.

Loose Leaf Teas

The perfect solution for:

  • Lounges
  • À-la-carte restaurants
  • Coffee houses
  • For creative use of tea (baking, cooking, food pairing)

The connoisseur's choice. This is the purest way to enjoy tea, with its authentic taste delivered by the whole leaves. Whether it’s premium green tea or premium black tea, the best regions are selected by our experts. 

From traditional favourites to remarkable blends, our collection satisfies any connoisseur. Indulge customers with the complete ritual, including delicate tea sets. All teas come in certified organic quality and in a recyclable packaging.

Packed into a carton box which allows for a view of the teas. Inner foil bag made from NatureflexTM material and certified for home compostability.

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Leaf Bag Teas

The perfect solution for:

  • Wellness SPAs
  • Seminar rooms
  • Lounges/bars
  • Bakeries
  • Outlets with a short average length of stay

This imaginative single-portioned leaf tea range is designed to indulge the senses of tea drinkers. It brings the benefits of premium quality whole leaf tea in certified organic quality along with the convenience of an individual sachet. Every sip relaxes the body and soul. To visually enchant your customers, these premium tea bags are wrapped in individual envelopes with an attractive design.

Our Leaf Bag teas come in carton boxes of 20 pyramids each. The pyramids are wrapped into biodegradable sachets. The used pyramid bag can then be disposed of as organic waste. Leaf Bags are perfect for a glass of tea of 300ml.

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Big Bags

The perfect solution for:

  • Coffee houses
  • Restaurants
  • Outlets with a long average length of stay

The Big Bag collection brings unparalleled quality to your teapot experience. Every tea is certified organic, featuring ingredients carefully chosen from the finest plantations globally. Explore a vibrant array, including essentials and exclusive blends. 

Big Bags come in carton boxes of 20 pieces. To protect it from foreign smells each Big Bag is wrapped in a sachet of NatureflexTM foil, certified for home compostability. Big Bags are designed for use in a teapot of 450ml.

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Single Bags

The perfect solution for:

  • Hotel breakfast areas
  • Guest rooms
  • Conferences

Wonderfully convenient, this premium tea collection brings you a wide range of aromatic and finely adjusted recipes in single bags. Every customer can easily find their preferred choice and enjoy the perfect cup. Each tea bag is individually packed to guarantee the freshest aroma and optimum taste. 10 of the Single Bag teas come in certified organic quality.

Single Bags are packed into 25 pieces carton boxes. The protection wrappings can be disposed of as waste paper. The used teabag should go to organic waste. Single Bags are the optimal solution for a cup of 200ml.

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Tea Accesories

When it comes to tea it’s all about ceremony and presentation. Tea connoisseurs expect high quality and excellent service, and Julius Meinl has been delivering both for over 160 years. 

The Julius Meinl premium tea display fits perfectly into all foodservice segments and invites your guests to unwind with the perfect cup of tea. Our range of Point-Of-Sale (POS) materials complement your existing beverage services, while benefiting from the trust associated with the Julius Meinl brand. 

Julius Meinl passionately upholds top-tier quality standards. Our teas and blends are meticulously selected for a unique tea experience. We have a reliable global network of top tea partners to ensure quality. Beyond flavour, we're committed to protecting the planet. Most of our teas are certified organic, some also hold Rainforest Alliance recognition. We continuously innovate eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. Sustainability meets excellence.

Sustainability meets top quality

Tea Academy

Are you eager to delve into the world of tea? Do you have an interest in learning more about tea origins? Perhaps you wish to enhance your knowledge to educate your guests more effectively. Join us in exploring our tea products. Our Tea Academy in Vienna provides comprehensive training, and we're delighted to share our passion and expertise with you.

Serve the perfect cup of tea

Everyone deserves a good cup of tea. This starts with using premium teas, but also involves attractive presentation and tools for professional tea preparation and serving. It’s all in the finer details. Let Julius Meinl support you as you serve your guests the perfect cup of tea.

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Tea expertise from plant to cup

Premium tea is the culmination of all sorts of elements, from sunshine and soil, to picking, rolling, blending and much more. Each step in the journey from plant to cup affects the final product your customers enjoy.

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Services and support for your business

As a family business, we believe in working hand-in-hand with all our clients in the food service and catering industry. Our team puts every effort into supporting you proactively, with tailored services to suit your enterprise.

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Cups and finishing touches

Think of a time when you really savoured a cup of tea or coffee. It’s not just the taste, but the service, the presentation and its effect on the senses. We are masters of these finishing touches that make the brewing experience exceptional.

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