6 ways to upgrade your homemade iced tea game, told by the experts


Okay, so your iced tea consumption throughout the hot and sticky days of summer is off the charts and you’ve got your own homemade recipe, but you’re looking to take it to another level, which has led to you landing here. Well, let’s get this Iced Par-tea started! (we apologise, we couldn’t help ourselves)


How Julius Meinl is making up for thousands of missed moments caused by the pandemic by inviting people to ‘Say Hello’


We’re encouraging people around the world to say hello to friends or even random strangers, and gift them a complimentary coffee, as part of our mission to give back some of the roughly 13 billion moments of social interaction we’ve missed out on across Europe’s cities over the past 12 months. We’re calling it the ‘Say Hello’ initiative. As this sip-sized video below asks: ‘Who are you going to say hello to?’


How Julius Meinl’s ‘More than a moment’ Message is All About the Stories


Lovers of the coffee bean! Coffee-lovers that speak to their first cup in the morning as if it’s the only one that understands them – Julius Meinl’s ‘More than a moment,’ message is more than just a tagline, it’s a mindset. Because we believe life isn’t about the big events. It is rather about the special small moments that carry true meaning.


Spirit of Vienna


Let us take you on a journey of exploration. Discover the spirit of Vienna and why Julius Meinl is an ambassador for Viennese coffee house culture – and a company with a mission to carry the magic of Vienna out into the world.