Coffee trends to watch in 2024

Kickstart the year by exploring the exciting coffee trends of 2024. From sustainability practices to the captivating world of specialty coffee, this year promises innovation and adventure in every cup.  Here's what's on our radar:

1. Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming more and more a hot topic in the HoReCa industry. 

The European Green Deal introduces changes aiming for climate neutrality by 2050. Regulations like the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the EU Deforestation Regulation will tackle biodiversity loss and reduce emissions, allowing only deforestation-free products in the EU market. In line with this, expect to see innovative products that look after the environment and match the consumers demand. Adding to this ongoing conversation, consumers have started to increasingly care about coffee provenance and traceability, though the cost remains a concern.

2. Specialty Coffees

In 2024, anticipate a surge in specialty coffees, from small roasteries to large coffeehouses. 

We expect to see an increase in diverse blends catering to specific tastes, from single-origin beans to brews infused with locally sourced ingredients like French Lavender or Turkish rose. Specialty coffee has potential to take center stage and become a journey of discovery, pushing the boundaries of creativity, quality, and sustainability.

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3. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI integration in coffee cultivation, production, and preparation is rising. Anticipate transformative changes, from precision farming optimizing cultivation to AI-driven smart coffee machines offering personalized brewing experiences at home. 

Additionally, AI-driven data analytics also have potential to empower businesses to understand consumer preferences better, leading to more targeted marketing strategies and innovative product developments. The intersection of AI and coffee is not just about automation but a comprehensive enhancement of the entire coffee ecosystem, promising a future where technology elevates the coffee experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

4. Functional Coffee

Emerging as a trend, functional coffee fuses wellness with the daily coffee ritual. Beyond caffeine, added ingredients like adaptogens, collagen, CBD oil, and superfoods promise wellness benefits. 

As health-conscious choices gain importance, functional coffee transforms a routine coffee break into a mindful experience.

5. Beyond Cold Brew

Cold brew continues to trend in 2024, offering a smooth and refreshing taste with the added advantage of being convenient and ready-to-drink. 

Expect creative variations like flavored cold brews, nitro-infused versions, and innovative methods of extraction and preservation that aim to keep as much of the flavor in as possible, making cold brew a favorite throughout the year.

As we embrace 2024, the coffee landscape evolves with sustainability, specialty craftsmanship, AI integration, functional innovation, and the timeless charm of cold brew. These trends promise a future where coffee is a holistic experience, reflecting values, preferences, and endless possibilities. Here's to a year of sustainability, innovation, and the joy that a cup of coffee brings.

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