World Coffee Day 2023: Partnering with SAWA WORLD

This World Coffee Day, we are launching an initiative as part of our The Originals line to help empower coffee farmers in Uganda. The initiative which builds on the success of our Generations Program, aims to help coffee farmers enrich their productivity, invest in growing greater quality beans, and spot opportunities to diversify their incomes. 

Since 2018, our goal has been to create training that helps Colombian farmers make real improvements in their lives. Now we are supporting 100 more farmers, this time in Uganda’s Lwengo District. This is in addition to the 200 Colombian farmers who are already in line for support between now and 2025 - focusing on regenerative agriculture and low carbon production. 


To ensure the farmers’ individual training needs are met, we have partnered with Ugandan non-profit organisation, Sawa World. The program will entail a needs assessment to identify which skills will add the most value, followed by a series of workshops focusing on sensitization, marketing, business management and how to secure start-up capital. 


With the initiative seeking to ‘make a difference, one cup at a time’, we are donating 10 extra hours of training on behalf of every partner serving Generations Program blends.

Carina Needham, Director of Sustainability

Our goal is not only to create delicious, memorable coffee moments, but to do our bit to protect the planet and act responsibly for future generations.

“With Sawa World, we can create transformative community-level projects and make a difference to the livelihoods of coffee farmers. Supporting coffee-growing communities is essential, especially given the social, economic and environmental challenges they may face, from unpredictable incomes to climate crisis.” 


Sheila Ampumuza, Country Director at Sawa World added: “We are delighted to be working with Julius Meinl in supporting their efforts to cultivate sustainable growth. The Generations Program is a fantastic initiative which is already making an impact on the livelihoods of coffee farmers elsewhere.”


With World Coffee Day being celebrated on 1st October 2023, the initiative will run throughout September and until 31st October. 


Visit our participating partners and 'make a difference, one cup at a time’.

Sustainability at Julius Meinl

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