Our Responsibly Selected Coffee

Enjoying a cup of Julius Meinl coffee is about more than just the taste.

It’s knowing the coffee you’re drinking comes from one of our responsibly selected partners, acting to ensure a more sustainable coffee industry.

That’s why we started our Responsibly Selected Coffee Initiative.

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Source responsibly, sip sustainably

Our Responsibly Selected Coffee Initiative is a guarantee that coffee has been consciously sourced from suppliers who meet responsible standards of social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Working with supply chain partners to establish traceability is the key to sustainability in every cup. To ensure that we follow leading industry sustainability standards, we are proud that our entire coffee supply chain is independently verified by Enveritas.


Partnering with sustainable coffee suppliers.


Focusing on the traceability of our coffee.


Verified by Enveritas.

4 principles of Our Responsibly Selected Coffee

Higher standards - greater coffee

The sustainability standards we follow are based on the industry-recognized Coffee Sustainability Reference Code. This global reference was established by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) under a united, common vision for the future of the coffee industry. It is based on three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic.

100% Responsibly Selected Coffee by end 2025

We are committed to ensuring that every cup of Julius Meinl coffee is responsibly selected by the end of 2025.

Keeping us on track for a sustainable tomorrow

Our efforts are regularly verified by independent non-profit third-party organization Enveritas, to ensure everything we do has the right impact on coffee-growing communities and our planet.

The Julius Meinl coffee experience

Choosing Our Responsibly Selected coffee brings further value to our customers and consumers, enabling everyone to savour each sip of premium quality coffee, knowing that it has been produced sustainably.

Discover our Responsibly Selected Coffee products

Vienna Line Melange

A Melange is a classic Viennese specialty coffee which is enjoyed with milk. Its medium roast gives this signature blend a chocolatey taste and an intense aroma with a hint of hazelnut.

Vienna Line Espresso

An homage to Viennese desserts, a medium roast gives this espresso warm, velvety notes of dark chocolate and roasted nuts. A balanced, full-bodied blends for perfect coffee moments at any time of the day.

Premium Collection

Our Premium Espresso Arabica is a blend of carefully selected Arabica beans with a fresh taste, delicate sweet aftertaste and remarkably soft crema.

High quality Arabica and Robusta beans give our Premium Caffè Crema it velvety crema and intense aroma with shades of hazelnut.

Crema Espresso Intenso

An unmistakable, decisive, enveloping and simultaneously soft flavour. This blend is round and full-bodied, with an intense aroma and sweetness paired with pleasantly intense, persistent flavours that are enhanced by the slow roast.

Vienna Espresso Delight

A beautiful blend combining top quality origins for a delightfully harmonious in-cup experience. Vienna Espresso Delight impresses immediately with a very generous crema with an alluring, nutty colour. This well-balanced blend has a rich, round body and a pleasant mellowness, with a hint of citric acidity. Its persistent, chocolaty aftertaste makes it even more memorable.

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