Colombian Heritage Project

Many families in the Colombian department of Tolima have dedicated themselves to the passion for coffee. They carefully pass on their experience and knowledge from generation to generation. Julius Meinl supports them in this. #GrowingTogether


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Supporting the origin

Climate change is creating new challenges for coffee farmers, making it increasingly difficult for them to stay in business. Future generations do not want to take over the business and migrate. To solve this problem, we support 50 Julius Meinl coffee farms in Tolima - Colombia, which have been working with us for generations!


Supporting our coffee farmers


Increasing quality & production


Securing future generations & cultivation

Tolima - Colombia

Technical support

Trainings, visiting experts, review to increase efficiency & quality.

UTZ certification

To increase the income of the families, we support their UTZ certification.

Coffee dryer

We contribute to quality improvement and assurance by financing and setting up coffee dryers.

School funding

We support the schools in Tolima to encourage future generations.

Our Products of the Columbian Heritage Project

1862 Premium

Enjoy our award-winning 1862 Premium Blend, created for life´s most exquisite moments. The Julius Meinl 1862 coffee experience comes with a guarantee: the same unique premium coffee taste in every single cup with specially selected beans from over 5 different origins stored in our Aroma Fez.


This exquisite coffee was created for the celebration of Julius Meinl’s 150th year. To ensure the most elegant result, the Julius Meinl coffee connoisseurs have been uncompromising in their pursuit of excellence. With its highly complex mix of origins harmoniously balanced together, this coffee impresses immediately with an incredibly silky experience in the mouth.

Supreme UTZ

An UTZ-certified sustainable coffee of 100% Arabica beans. In the certified farms, the ripened coffee cherries are carefully handpicked and sun-dried naturally. These UTZ partners follow a strict Code of Conduct, including better farming methods, working conditions and care for nature, which in turn leads to better crop results, a better environment and a better life for everyone.

Espresso Arabica UTZ

Carefully selected 100% Arabica beans from the leading coffee plantations of Brazil and Central America give this espresso its fresh taste, delicate sweet aftertaste and remarkably soft crema.


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Caffè Crema Selezione

The finest Arabica beans from the most colorful regions of Brazil and Central America and selected Robusta beans from Asia give this blend its creamy, velvety crema and intense aroma with nuances of hazelnut. Ideal for preparation with milk.


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