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More than 160 years ago, Julius Meinl pioneered small-lot hand roasting and today, we share its fresh take on a craft coffee offering for hotels, restaurants and coffeehouses across the globe. This offering is ideal for the coffee loving professionals who strive to achieve a unique sustainable coffee experience that celebrates craftsmanship and guarantees the best quality in cup.

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Notes of hazelnut, dark chocolate, caramelized cereals. 

Proudly presenting this 100% Arabica blend with a classic Viennese taste. It offers a perfect balance of coffees from top quality regions, for a complex and delicate taste. Roasted in the traditional Viennese way, the flavours of these different origins have been harmoniously combined, giving the blend both a full body and rich crema. Vienna XVI is named after Vienna’s 16th district, which has been the home of the Julius Meinl headquarters and roastery since 1912.

Bean type: 100% Arabica

Origins: Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua & Guatemala

Roast Level: 4/6

Acidity: 6/10

Sweetness: 7/10

Body: 6/10

Brewing recipe recommended for a double espresso:

Coffee amount: 14-14.5g

Basket size: 14g

Extraction time: 24-25 sec.

Beverage weight per cup: 13-15g

Beverage volume per cup: 24-25ml


Notes of citrus, milk chocolate and roasted almonds.

While working on this blend, we wanted to create a treat for coffee lovers, which displays a unique and modern character yet still has a balanced indulgent taste. Coffees from four origins are selected and carefully roasted till the first crack, so that the flavours of all the origins can be fully expressed, to give it a refreshing fruity brightness with a hint of spice and a sweet aftertaste reminiscent of milk chocolate. Red Door is named after the iconic red door at the entryway of the Julius Meinl Vienna headquarters, which has welcomed visitors for over 100 years.

Bean type: 100% Arabica

Origins: Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia & Guatemala

Roast Level: 1/6

Acidity: 10/10

Sweetness: 9/10

Body: 2/10

Brewing recipe recommended for a double espresso:

Coffee amount: 18-18.2g

Basket size: 17g

Extraction time: 23-25 sec.

Beverage weight per cup: 14-15g

Beverage volume per cup: 23-24ml


Notes of nuts, caramels and a hint of fine spices.

House Blend is an aromatic festival of blossoms, nuts, caramel and vanilla with the warming taste of cinnamon, coriander seeds and fruits of the forest underneath. This classic espresso blend, with its fusion of brown spices and delicate floral aroma, is a delight for the senses at any time of the year. Enjoyed on bright bracing mornings or dreamy warm afternoons, this 100% Arabica medium roasted coffee is always the perfect choice. House Blend is named after a special blend with exceptional personality & a precise balance of classic Viennese flavours, which set the benchmark for our master blenders when it was created many decades ago.

Bean type: 100% Arabica

Origins: Brazil, Colombia & Ethiopia

Roast Level: 4/6

Acidity: 7/10

Sweetness: 8/10

Body: 6/10


Designed to be savoured for truly exceptional coffee moments. At Julius Meinl, each of The Originals Limited Edition is crafted by artisans, for artisans.


Sourced from FINCA POTOSÍ in Colombia, run by third generation coffee farmers brothers Rigoberto & Luís Eduardo Herrera, TRES DRAGONES gets its name from the three great furnaces that were once used to generate the heat for drying coffees on the farm after fermentation.  

For this very first naturally processed limited edition specialty coffee, the global awardwinning producer CAFÉ GRANJA LA ESPERANZA has used a very long in-cherry fermentation of over 54 hours in open temperature-controlled tanks, followed by drying silos for a slow and controlled drying. This creates concentrated sweet, fruity flavours and aromas.


Bursting with the juicy sweetness of red cherry, laced with delicate notes of fresh roses. A crisp, sweet acidity & gentle, buttery mouthfeel lends a rich warmth to the finish of blossom honey.


Roast: light 2/6

Basket size: 16-17g

Amount of coffee: 17.5g

Amount of water: 330g

Temperature: 91 C°

Total contact time: 23 - 26sec


Roast: light 1/6

Amount of coffee: 19g

Amount of water: 330g

Temperature: 90 C°

Total contact time: 2:20min

Blooming : 40g (30 sec.) 

Water delivery time: 1:45min

As with all The Originals blends, this new Limited Edition is inspired by Vienna’s coffeehouse culture and heritage, which derives from the unique concept that “Every bean has a story, made by artisans for artisans”.

Explore the exceptional journey from bean to cup with our specialty coffee.

The recommended Julius Meinl The Originals package for our customers contains:

  • Three espresso blends with constant quality proven by SCA experts
  • Cups in a modern design according to SCA standard
  • Available Limited edition hand-roasted specialty seasonal single origins
  • Suitable brewing equipment and point-of-sale materials

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