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At Julius Meinl, coffee and tea are our driving passion. From the expertise of our coffee artisans to our close partnerships with tea plantations, every cup is an exquisite unique experience. This is why every sip of a Julius Meinl product is a moment valued by our customers.

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Welcome to our comprehensive selection of premium coffee and tea, curated exclusively for your business. Dive into the rich world of flavors, aromas, and exceptional quality as you explore our extensive range tailored to meet the distinctive needs of your establishment. Whether you run a bustling coffeehouse, a cozy tea room, or a dynamic hospitality venue, our collection is crafted to match your needs.


Our coffee products are crafted with the utmost care and dedication of coffee artisans since 1862. We combine all this expertise to ensure you bring your customers the finest cups of premium, high quality coffee. 

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When it comes to tea it’s all about ceremony and presentation. Tea connoisseurs expect high quality and excellent service, both of which Julius Meinl has been delivering both for 160 years. The Julius Meinl premium tea display fits perfectly into all hotel segments and invites your guests to unwind with the perfect cup of tea.

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