Home Compostable Capsules

For guilt-free premium coffee moments at home.

With our NESPRESSO®*-compatible capsules, you can now enjoy an exquisite cup of premium coffee from a 100% home compostable capsule.

Good for the environment, great taste in your home

Our capsules are a convenient way to enjoy high-quality blends at home, without feeling guilty. They are one of the first capsules that are 100% home compostable and that can be disposed in a sustainable guilt-free way.


NESPRESSO®*-compatible, guilt-free capsules


Viennese blends, minimum waste & maximum taste


A convenient & high-quality coffee experience

Discover the unrivalled taste.

100% Home compostability

Every capsule is 100% home compostable and ready to be composed by yourself at home. Only after 26 weeks the capsule is degraded completely. A new special oxygen barrier on our home compostable capsules combined with a totally compostable lid protects the coffee and ensures guilt-free coffee moments at home.

* This trademark belongs to a third party which is unrelated and not associated with the Julius Meinl Group.