Premium tea picked for your business

As a pioneer, Julius Meinl started importing its own premium tea in 1894. To make sure we bring you only the finest and most delicious teas, we’ve developed partnerships with top quality tea plantations and invested in perfecting the tea-making process to bring out the purest aromas.

Everything from communication materials to training

A freshly-brewed cup of tea can lift any occasion. Be it in a coffee house, restaurant or hotel, Julius Meinl offers a large variety of delicious teas and point-of-sale materials like menus or leaflets to adapt to your needs.

Each premium tea is crafted with the utmost care by our own experts. From classic favourites like English Breakfast to unusual blends incorporating exotic or floral ingredients, you can satisfy every customer.  

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Leaf Bag Teas

The perfect solution for:

  • Wellness spas
  • Seminar rooms
  • Lounges/bars


This imaginative single-portioned leaf tea range is designed to indulge the senses of tea drinkers. It brings the benefits of premium quality whole leaf tea along with the convenience of an individual sachet. Every sip relaxes the body and soul. To visually enchant your customers, these premium tea bags are wrapped in individual envelopes with an attractive design.

Loose Leaf Teas

The perfect solution for:

  • Lounges
  • Coffee houses


The connoisseur's choice. This is the purest way to enjoy tea, with its authentic taste delivered by the whole leaves. Whether it’s premium green tea or premium black tea, the best regions are selected by our experts. From traditional favourites to remarkable blends, our collection satisfies any connoisseur. Indulge customers with the complete ritual including delicate tea sets.

Big Bags

The perfect solution for:

  • Hotel lounges
  • Coffee houses
  • Restaurants


Our Big Bag collection delivers exceptional quality in a teapot. All teas are bio-certified and composed of ingredients strictly selected from some of the world’s best plantations. From Darjeeling Happy Valley, at the foot of the Himalayas, to ldulgashinna in Sri Lanka, or Jamguri, from Assam Highlands of North India. Take your customers on a journey for the senses.

Single Bags

The perfect solution for:

  • Hotel breakfast areas
  • Guest rooms
  • Conferences


Wonderfully convenient, this premium tea collection brings you a wide range of aromatic and finely adjusted recipes in single bags. Every customer can easily find their preferred choice and enjoy the perfect cup. Each tea bag is individually packed to guarantee the freshest aroma and optimum taste.

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Julius Meinl has a passion for exceptional taste and exclusive quality. That’s why our teas and tea blends have been chosen to assure a unique tea experience. As quality goes beyond flavour, we use a trusted network of world-leading tea partners that guarantee safe and reliable tea product quality.

Premium Quality

Tea Academy

You want to learn more about tea? You’d like to better understand the differences between tea origins? You’d like to know more facts so that you can perfectly educate your guests?


Come and explore our tea products together with us. Our central Tea Academy is in Vienna and offers various types of in-depth training. We’re happy to share our passion and know-how with you.


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Serve the perfect cup of tea

Everyone deserves a good cup of tea. This starts with using premium teas, but also involves attractive presentation and tools for professional tea preparation and serving. It’s all in the finer details. Let Julius Meinl support you as you serve your guests the perfect cup of tea. 


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