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No hassle, no waste, no guilt.

With our NESPRESSO®*-compatible capsules, you can now enjoy an exquisite cup of premium coffee from a 100% biodegradable capsule.

Good for the environment, great taste in your home

Inspresso capsules are a convenient way to enjoy high-quality blends at home, without feeling guilty. Our coffee capsules are 100% biodegradable, 100% industrial-compostable and made from renewable resources


NESPRESSO®*-compatible, aluminium-free capsules


Viennese blends, minimum waste & maximum taste


A convenient & high-quality coffee experience

Discover the unrivalled taste.


Espresso Crema

Espresso Crema is a perfectly balanced blend of premium Arabica coffees from Central America with a touch of Asian Robusta. Together, the two sorts create an inspiring and delicate coffee masterpiece with a very round and balanced flavour.

Intensity: 8     Acidity: 6     Sweetness: 8

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Ristretto Intenso

This dark roasted premium coffee blend consists of top South American and East African Arabicas with a hint of the best Asian Robustas. The melody of aromas as well as the sweet and creamy flavour unfold into an absolute coffee sensation with a fine and velvety crema.

Intensity: 10     Acidity: 8     Sweetness: 8

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Lungo Classico

This unique 100% Arabica blend tells stories from Central and South America – a genuine epic tale of the beans’ origins. Careful dark roasting and blending creates this well balanced flavoured coffee with a light and fine crema.

Intensity: 4     Acidity: 8     Sweetness: 8

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Espresso Decaf

This decaf is a sweet sonnet of full flavour and gentle aftertaste. The blend consists of Arabica beans from South and Central America as well as Asian Robustas and gives you a very rich and velvety crema.

Intensity: 8     Acidity: 4     Sweetness: 8

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The Inspresso difference

Biodegradable and compostable

Every Inspresso capsule is 100% biodegradable, and ready to be composted by your local authority. With no aluminium and a smaller carbon footprint compared to other capsules.

Highest aroma protection

A special aroma seal on our Inspresso capsules protects the coffee from oxygen, ensuring you the best flavour and taste.

Discover more in an instant

Find out everything you need to know on the capsule itself. From blend and intensity to our Green Certification Mark, so you can enjoy your coffee completely free of guilt. 

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