A little something to say a big THANK YOU

A few small words can carry mountains of meaning. Especially when times get tough.


So we were thinking...

What better way to express our gratitude to those who stood by our side during those times than by gifting them the equivalent of a hug in a mug

– a coffee roasted, brewed and gifted with love.

How it works

You’re just 3 steps away from saying to someone dear, ‘Thanks a latte!’ We apologise for this lame pun…or do we? (wink, wink). Here’s how to say thank you with Julius Meinl:


Head to a participating location and order a coffee between 20th and 30th April.


Receive a voucher for a complimentary coffee (until stocks last)


Gift the voucher to your special someone with a heartfelt Thank You

Enjoy your coffee moment together.

All participating cafes to be found on this neat little map:

Tell us about your special someone and we’ll tell you how to meaningfully thank them for always being there for you

In the spirit of ‘Say Thank you’, we’ve put together a super scientific quiz (please note: this quiz is not scientific at all, but IS a whole lot of fun) in which you tell us about your special someone and we will tell you how to thank them in a small but meaningful way that is specifically suited to them.


To the quiz

160th anniversary

Anybody with a good friend knows that overwhelming feeling of gratitude that rushes up and provokes an uncontrollable smile when that person is there for you.

We get goosebumps made of the same stuff when we think about the many small but meaningful moments that have made up the 160 years of Julius Meinl’s story. Plus, the many moments that have inspired heartfelt thanks to the many people that have built our company into one of the most innovative and expert coffee and tea companies in the world.

And this includes you, our coffee loving community. The ‘Say Thank You’ initiative is also about us thanking you for trusting us with your taste buds for all these years. We promise to never let them down.

In our 160th year, consider this a little something to say a big thank you.