2 coffee cocktail recipes that you need in your life right now

In 2021, the Espresso Martini made a roaring comeback as the drink of choice for many bars across the world. Who would have thought espresso and vodka could make for such a popular rich and indulgent drink? Since the 1980s when this crazy good concoction was introduced to our palates, there has been many cocktails featuring coffee created attempting to follow in the drink’s glory and popularity. And we’re adding two more Julius Meinl originals to that list.

Introducing the sweet invention that can be consumed hot and as a dessert, Beauty and the Bean, and the gin-tastic show pony, Glitter with a Drop of Glitter – both brought to you by our coffee and cocktail scientist (ok, he’s not a real scientist, but he does wear a lab coat for fun when inventing these drinks), Junior Vargas. Did we mention Junior has won awards for his handiwork as a barista and cocktail mixologist? Just sayin’.

Bitter with a Drop of Glitter

As its name suggests, this cocktail creation has a delightful bitter twist that you’ll catch at the back of your tongue in a big way – you can thank the powerful combo of espresso and tonic for this. Then you’ll experience the fresh sour and herbal character of this unique creature that looks like the glam of glitter in a glass.

Watch how to make it here.



Here’s what you need (for 1 serving):

  • A double shot of espresso (40g)
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange juice (30ml)
  • Tonic (¾ glass)
  • Orange liquor or orange syrup for a non-alcoholic version
  • Gin (20g)
  • Garnish including herbs and citrus fruit (eg. orange peel & thyme)


This stunner is served in a Julius Meinl Latte glass.


Here’s how to make it: 

  • Fill your glass with ice cubes and pour in the tonic until it fills three-quarters of the glass.
  • Mix the juice, liquor and gin in another glass or cocktail shaker
  • Flip a spoon upside down and hold it over the tonic in your glass – now pour the mix on top of the tonic gently and slowly. Meanwhile, for mindfulness purposes, imagine yourself standing under the spoon, surrounded by the tiny waterfall of orange juice, gin and liquor – very soothing, right?
  • Now add your glitter aka. peels of all the citrus fruit you can get your hands on and some thyme.

Beauty and the Bean

Beauty and the Bean is made to be a crowd-pleaser, with a beautiful creamy combo of sweet liquors and a hit of espresso bringing the kick.

Watch how to make it here.



Here’s what you need (for 1 serving):

  • A single shot of the finest Espresso blend you can find (two words for you – Julius Meinl)
  • A few tablespoons of milk foam
  • A shot (5g) of hazelnut liquor (eg. Frangelico) or hazelnut syrup for a non-alcoholic version
  • Irish cream liquor (eg. Baileys) or 5g of milk for a non-alcoholic version           
  • 5g of condensed milk


...and you’ll need a Julius Meinl Melange cup to make this happen.

Here’s how to make it:

  • Make yourself a shot of espresso. Shoot it back and make another (this one keep for the recipe)
  • Pour the liquors and condensed milk into the cup
  • Now pour in the espresso
  • Prepare your milk foam and lay it over the top. Give it that real Viennese Melange look.


While we don’t recommend these for breakfast, we aren’t judging either. ;)

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